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We have been involved in the welfare,caring of tortoises for a number of years..

We are a non money making organisation and do it purely out of our love for tortoise's we would rather offer this service than learn of tortoise's that have been abandoned or dumped as sometimes people do not realize the huge responsibility and demands that a tortoise can require.

Please note; We DO NOT re-home our Tortoises out to other homes they stay with us permanently, so please no enquiries regarding re-homing a Tortoise.

We can give your  tortoise a loving home if your circumstances have changed and you are no longer able to look after it.

We appreciate that it can be sometimes a difficult descision to make that is we why we offer a sympathetic,understanding and friendly service with no awkward questions asked.

We also take in tortoises that have been found by members of the public.

Unfortunately due to a recent security scare, we no longer allow visitors/people to bring their tortoise to us.

We will pick up the tortoise directly from you, we are willing to travel most places, if we are to travel to you we charge 50p per mile (both ways) - please note that if you live within a 20 mile radius of Winchester this fee is waived.

 In the winter months whilst they are in hibernation they are housed in a temperature controlled environment and monitored regularly.

During the spring and summer they will enjoy the outdoors as they are free to explore and can graze in our garden as nature intended.

All special dietry needs are catered for and they are fed a healthy balanced and nutritional diet

 We are recommended by   in Hampshire

We are not an advice line-web site for tortoise keepers but we do try to answer any questions or concerns in relation to the well being / husbandry of your tortoise or potential tortoise for a small online donation of £5.00 which must be made first before we send a reply



We require an initial minimum donation of at least £95 per tortoise we take in, no matter what the circumstances. This is payable upon collection and must be in cash only; this is due to previous donations in cheques that have cancelled on us.



As previously stated we do not make any money nor do we pay for tortoise's which we take in or adopt and we are not a registered charity,once you decide to to give up ownership of your tortoise you relinquish all responsibilty and ownership / rights to it, you must make sure that you are 100% commited to your deciscion as it cannot be rectified once the adoption form has been completed & signed.

We are not a center or sanctuary we run our rescue from our private home , so no visitors or offers of help thank you.

 Please do not contact us regarding the sale of tortoise's or hatchlings/eggs as we are not breeders.

We do not have anything to do with Turtles or Terrapins

We do not re-home our Tortoises





 Also if you would like just to donate to our excellent cause you can do so by pressing the paypal button to the right of this screen paypal is a secure site and all payment details are safe














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